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Germany - Jever

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Elisabethufer 18, 26441, Jever, Germany

Jever is one of the top breweries in Germany. Established 160 years ago, the company started producing its export beer in the 1950s. The pilsner as we know it took off during the “pils-wave” of the 1960s. Radeberger bought Jever in 2005.

Brewing secret

Jever is famous for making one of the driest pilsners in existence.

Jever Fun

beer style: Low Alcohol
alcohol content: 0.25% ABV

Almost alcohol-free, but with a similar taste to the pilsner. Hop-bitters and a pilsner taste pervade this golden beer.

Jever Pilsener

beer style: Pilsner
alcohol content: 4.8% ABV

The master brewers use a lot of hops at Jever, and their bitterness makes this pilsner very dry.

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