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Germany - Meininger

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Am Bielstein 3, 98617, Meiningen, Germany

Founded in 1841, this brewery has had a checkered history. When the GDR was established, Meininger was nationalized, like most other companies in East Germany, and it faced difficult trading conditions in the aftermath of Reunification. Today, Meininger produces 1.8 million gallons (8 million liters) of beer each year, for a local and a wider market.

Meininger Gold Urhell

beer style: Lager
alcohol content: 4.7% ABV

Fresh and lightly sparkling; a clear golden beer. It has a light aroma of fine hops.

Meininger Heller Bock

beer style: Bock
alcohol content: 6.3% ABV

This amber-yellow bock is available throughout the year. Its taste is pleasant, and there is a delicious aroma of hops.

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