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Germany - Neumarkter Lammsbraü

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Neumarkter Lammsbraü

Ehrnsberger e.K.Amberger Str. 1, 92318, Neumarkt, Germany

Family-owned since 1800, the company turned to organic beer production in 1987 and now has about 14 types.

Brewing secret

Neumarkter Lammsbraü works with about 100 organic farmers to ensure the quality of its ingredients.


beer style: Lager
alcohol content: 4.7% ABV

Brewed with fewer hops than a pilsner, so it tastes less bitter; it is pleasant and has a nice finish.


beer style: Special Beer
alcohol content: 5.1% ABV

Dinkel is similar to wheat beer but is a much older style. It has balanced basic ingredients and the sparkle of a wheat beer, and tastes strong.

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