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Germany - Rothaus

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Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus AG, Rothaus 1, 79865, Grafenhausen-Rothaus, Germany

The Rothaus brewery was founded in 1791 by the Benedictine monastery St. Blasien. Today it is owned by the State of Baden-Württemberg and is one of the most profitable regional breweries in Germany. Although the brewery does not advertise, the Tannenzäpfle has become a cult brand in bars throughout Germany.

Rothaus Tannen Zäpfle

beer style: Pilsner
alcohol content: 5.1% ABV

Tannenzäpfle (“little fir cones”) is a crisp, elegant, well-rounded pilsner with a slight final bitterness.

Rothaus Hefeweizen

beer style: Wheat Beer
alcohol content: 5.4% ABV

Refreshing top-fermented beer, with a mild fruity finish.

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