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Germany - Schmucker

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Hauptstr. 89, 64756, Mossautal, Germany

Founded in 1780, this brewery is still a private company. The beer is considered as regional, but dealers transport it around the country, and there are even exports to Italy, Spain, France, South Korea, and the US. The brewery has 90 employees.

Brewing secret

The hardness of the local spring water is a key factor in the character of Schmucker beers.

Meister Pils

beer style: Pilsner
alcohol content: 4.8% ABV

Clear yellow and gleaming, this typical full-bodied pilsner has a strong aroma of hops; it is smooth with a strong bitterness.


beer style: Wheat Beer
alcohol content: 5% ABV

Deep yellow and cloudy, full-bodied; a smooth taste accompanied by a smell of fruits and yeast.

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