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Germany - Weilheim

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Schillerstr. 3, 78604, Rietheim-Weilheim, Germany

Beer has been produced on this site for 360 years—it is one of the oldest and smallest breweries in the area, and has been family-owned since 1882. The brewery has been partly renovated, with new cellars.

Brewing secret

The Storz family describe their product as a naturally matured beer.

Weilheimer Bockbier

beer style: Bock
alcohol content: 9% ABV

Gleaming black with a roasty malt aroma and sweet taste.

Schwarzes Wäldle

beer style: Schwarzbier
alcohol content: 5.8% ABV

Amber-colored from its malt, this beer tastes mild, yet fun on the palate.

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