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Italy - Birra del Borgo

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Birra del Borgo

Via del Colle Rosso, 02021, Borgorose, RI, Italy

Birra del Borgo was founded in 2005 by former homebrewer Leonardo Di Vincenzo. Having learned his trade at a brewpub in Rome, he established his own in a small village around 60 miles (100 km) from the capital. Here, he brews fine ales, often inspired by British styles, and also experiments with unusual ingredients such as tobacco, tea leaves, and gentian roots.

Keto Reporter

beer style: Tobacco Porter
alcohol content: 5.5% ABV

Kentucky Toscano tobacco leaves are infused in this smoky, peppery porter. Surprisingly easy to drink.

Re Ale Extra

beer style: IPA
alcohol content: 6.4% ABV

Generously hopped with Amarillo and Warrior; well balanced, with sweet caramel and fruity notes.

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