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Italy - Citabiunda

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Via Moniprandi1/a Fraz. Bricco di Neive, 12052, Neive, CN, Italy

Brewpub Citabiunda (“blonde girl” in the local dialect) is set in a charming former village schoolhouse in high Piedmont. It offers original, intriguing beers and home-cooked food.

Brewing secret

Marco Marengo, who was taught the art of brewing by Teo Musso of Le Baladin, uses Champagne yeasts to create his distinctive brews.


beer style: Belgian Witbier
alcohol content: 4.8% ABV

Strongly spiced wheat beer, easy to drink, refreshing, and thirst-quenching, with flowery notes from the Champagne yeasts.


beer style: Belgian Abbey Amber Ale
alcohol content: 7% ABV

Well-balanced strong ale, rich in vinous and citrus fruit notes; sweet right through to the aftertaste.

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