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Italy - L’Olmaia

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Strada Foce e Fornace 22, Podere Olmaia, 53042, Chianciano Terme, SI, Italy

A tiny, pretty microbrewery founded in 2005 near Siena, in the green and leafy Val d’Orcia. Young, enthusiastic brewer Moreno Ercolani creates intriguing, natural ales with passion, often using local produce, such as honey from the elms that grow profusely here (olmaia means elm).


beer style: Belgian Witbier
alcohol content: 6% ABV

Easy-drinking blond ale brewed with durum wheat, barley, oats, red pepper, coriander, and orange rind.

Christmas Duck

beer style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale
alcohol content: 8.5% ABV

Remarkable seasonal winter warmer using local elm-tree honey that gives bittersweet and fruity notes.

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