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More Beers of Germany - Mammut

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Juri-Gagarin-Str. 33, 06526, Sangerhausen, Germany

Founded in 1877, the brewery was nationalized by the GDR in its 71st year. It was modernized in 1958. More brands have been produced since the reunification in 1990. Today, Mammut is very successful in the region.

Brewing secret

Partnership with a local malt producer in 1952 has ensured supplies of the highest quality.

Mammut Giant Gold

beer style: Lager
alcohol content: 4.8% ABV

A fairly new brand, less dry than a normal pilsner, but with a full aroma.

Mammut Black

beer style: Schwarzbier
alcohol content: 4.9% ABV

A traditional style, black-brown in color. Flavorful and fresh, with a light malty finish.

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