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More Beers of Japan - Ozeno Yukidoke

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Ozeno Yukidoke

7-3 Nishi Honmachi, Tatebayashi City, Gunma, 374-0065, Japan

Quality and product stability was a bit uneven in the first few years of this brewery, which was founded in 1997. However, from around 2004 onward, Ozeno Yukidoke’s beer began to improve dramatically and it now produces several tasty brews. The parent company is an old established saké brewer.

Brown Weizen

beer style: Hefeweizen
alcohol content: 5% ABV

Unusual cloudy brown appearance, with a subtle lactic note. Richness suddenly comes in at mid-palate, leaving a long and satisfying finish.

India Pale Ale

beer style: IPA
alcohol content: 6% ABV

Patterned on the West coast style of IPA, it is boldly bitter with a quick hoppy finish.

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