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More Beers of the US - Tommyknocker

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1401 Miner Street, Idaho Springs, CO, 80452

Tommyknocker Brewing’s name stems from the town’s mining background—after gold was discovered in 1859, the Argo mine supplied the Denver mint with half its gold needs. The Cornish miners who worked here were firm believers in pixies called Tommyknockers who lived in the mines and could bring good luck and protection.

Butt Head Bock

beer style: Doppelbock
alcohol content: 8.2% ABV

Caramel and toasted malts on the nose. Richer on the palate, warming, with surprising berry fruitiness.

Pick Axe Pale Ale

beer style: Pale Ale
alcohol content: 6.2% ABV

Hop-spicy nose with noticeable malt fruitiness, biscuit on the palate as well as earthy hops.

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