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Party Food - Buffet

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This buffet menu is colorful, and has a wide range of flavors and textures. You should serve around six different dishes for variety. Most of them can be prepared ahead, relieving last-minute pressure, and they won’t spoil if left out on the table for a while.


4 hours

Make the pastry for the tartlets (if making your own); chill in the refrigerator. Line the pastry shells and chill.

Cook the potato for the tartlets (step 2), and chill.

Make the dip , cover, and chill.

3 hours

Bake the pastry shells blind, then fill and bake (step 3–4).

Make the dried fruit chutney for the chorizo .

1 hour

Make the bulgur wheat dish, cover, and chill.

30 minutes

Make the salsa for the beef and arugula salad , cover, and chill.

Fry the halloumi with the garlic, chili, and cilantro, and arrange on plates.

Prepare the chorizo and plate up with the chutney.


Plate the beef and arugula salad with the salsa, remove the dip from the refrigerator, and place all other dishes in serving bowls or plates. Garnish.

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