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Sashimi and Sushi - Bocconcini de Buffalo Sashimi

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Bocconcini de Buffalo Sashimi

Here I go with the Italian again. I cannot resist. Why should we be restricted to a palette of flavors from only one cuisine, when so many foods go together beautifully? The creamy mild flavor and soft texture of fresh mozzarella is a perfect foil for sashimi. In Italy, it is traditionally paired with prosciutto. So I pair little balls of fresh water buffalo mozzarella, called bocconcini, with an assortment of raw fish and a slice of prosciutto. The fish here includes sea scallop, king salmon, and baby octopus. With a nod to the Italian caprese salad, a few cherry or grape tomatoes are added, along with dill, shiso bud, and benitade as a garnish. A drizzle of olive oil, some sea salt, and a few dabs of aged soy sauce finish off the plate.

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