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Sweet Preserves - Making Fruit Pastes

logo DK PublishingDK Publishing 02/07/2014 DKBooks

Fruit butters and pastes are intensely flavored fruit purées cooked until they are very concentrated. Butters have a spreadable texture, while pastes are solid enough to slice. Serve membrillo (quince paste), with a cheeseboard.

Fruit butters and pastes

To make fruit butter, simply stop the cooking halfway through the process of reducing the purée (step 4) so that it is thick, but not yet stiff. The butter is ready when a spoon pressed down on it leaves a clear indent.

Both butters and pastes keep well and can be used in innumerable ways: slice pastes thinly and serve with cold meats and cheeses, or use as an after-dinner treat; or use butters and pastes to enrich winter braises of meat and game and sweet or savory wine sauces, to sweeten fruit compotes, or to give added flavor to fruit pies and crumbles. Since they are so concentrated, use them sparingly.

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