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US - Carolina

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110 Barley Park Lane, Mooresville, NC, 28115

Lighter beers fueled early success for Carolina Beer & Beverage, but the company expanded by acquiring the well-established Cottonwood brands, then opening its brewery-restaurant, Woods on South, in Charlotte.

Brewing secret

Nikki Koontz is one of the very few women to hold the top job of craft brewmaster.

Cottonwood Low Down Brown

beer style: Brown Ale
alcohol content: 5.7% ABV

Distinct impression of nuts from the outset, blending with chocolate on the palate, and earthy hops.

Carolina Blonde

beer style: Golden Ale
alcohol content: 5% ABV

Sweet, grainy, and refreshing. The light version (Lighthouse, 4% ABV) has only 81 calories per bottle.

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