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US - Flying Dog

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Flying Dog

2401 Blake Street, Denver, CO, 80205

With labels by British illustrator Ralph Steadman, and the “gonzo” spirit of the late Hunter S. Thompson (both friends of founder George Stranahan), Flying Dog is not your average brewery. The original brewpub was founded in Aspen but is now headquartered in Denver, while the company moved brewing operations to Frederick in Maryland in 2008.

Gonzo Imperial Porter

beer style: Porter
alcohol content: 9% ABV

Rummy, chocolatey, and almost sweet before dry cocoa flavors and solid hop bitterness kick in.

Doggie Style Pale Ale

beer style: Pale Ale
alcohol content: 5.3% ABV

A fragrant mixture of fresh fruits to start. Citrus accentuates fruit in the middle, well balanced by biscuity malt. Clean, dry finish.

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