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US - Harpoon

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306 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA, 02210

This brewery, with major facilities in Boston and Vermont, has tapped into specialty-beer-drinkers’ affection for hops, with its flagship IPA accounting for 60 percent of sales. However, its wheat-based UFO has recently been the fastest-growing brand, and its 100 Barrel Series of one-offs guarantees there’s always something new.


beer style: India Pale Ale
alcohol content: 5.9% ABV

Floral at the outset; zestful citrus aromas. More hops in the flavor, biscuitlike palate, subdued bitterness at the end.

Munich Dark

beer style: Dunkel
alcohol content: 5.5% ABV

Rich, almost sweet, with hints of toast, then chocolate. Restrained hops and a long, smooth finish.

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