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US - High Point

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High Point

22 Park Place, Butler, NJ, 07405

High Point founder Greg Zaccardi was an American “hop head” until he discovered the wheat beers of Bavaria. He branded his beers Ramstein, after the German city that’s home to the largest US Air Force base in Europe, and began making true-to-style weissbiers at High Point Brewing, even though his brewing system was designed for British-style ales.

Ramstein Classic

beer style: Dunkelweizen
alcohol content: 5.5% ABV

Sweet chocolate on the nose and palate. Orchard fruits and banana, balanced by light clove and spicy hops.


beer style: Maibock
alcohol content: 7.5% ABV

A spring seasonal. Surprisingly dark with subtle caramel notes. Clean honey-maltiness, not-so-subtle alcohol, and pleasant, herbal hops.

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