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US - Mad River

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Mad River

195 Taylor Way, Blue Lake, CA, 95525

Founder Bob Smith built his brewery in 1989 using recycled materials, and has since received many awards for its waste-reduction programs. Mad River reuses 98 percent of its residuals and generates just one yard/cubic meter of waste a month while brewing about 250,000 gallons of beer per year.

Jamaica Red Ale

beer style: Amber Ale
alcohol content: 6.6% ABV

First made for the annual reggae festival. Sweetish nose, with crystal malts and solid, refreshing hops.

Steelhead Scotch Porter

beer style: Porter
alcohol content: 6.4% ABV

Distinctly a porter, with roasted malt and a touch of sourness. Caramel notes and hints of smoke add complexity.

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