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US - Saint Arnold

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Saint Arnold

2522 Fairway Park Drive, Houston, TX, 77092

The oldest surviving and largest craft brewery in Texas was founded in 1994. Saint Arnold grew out of its “micro” status in 2007, although it continues to sell its beer only within the state borders. Austrian-born St. Arnold is one of the patron saints of beer; the brewery’s fermenters are named after other saints.


beer style: Amber Ale
alcohol content: 5.5% ABV

Caramel and fermentation fruit, with bright, spicy hops providing balance. Excellent on cask.

Elissa IPA

beer style: India Pale Ale
alcohol content: 6.6% ABV

Delightfully hoppy throughout, brimming with grapefruit character. Big and juicy, with rich malt to match the decided bitterness.

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