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Andrea Bocelli in Winter at Tantora, Saudi Arabia, Al Ula

Winter at Tantora Festival for Culture and Arts presents Andrea Bocelli performing live at Al Ula County, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. About Al Ula: Al Ula is a governorate of Medina Region, and a city in north-western Saudi Arabia, that was historically located on the Incense route. Al Ula was the capital of the ancient Lihyanites (Dedanites). The governorate contains the first UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Saudi Kingdom, called Madain Saleh (Hegra), 22 km north of the city. Madain Saleh was built more than 2,000 years ago by the Nabataeans. The walled city of Al ‘Ula was founded in 6th century BC, an oasis in the desert valley, with fertile soil and plenty of water. Al-‘Ula, the walled city, is packed with mud-brick and stone houses. Al Ula welcomes tourists from around the world, for more information visit #Winterattantora #alula
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