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What Is 'Shivastambha' Yoga? The Revival of AUTHENTIC Pole Yoga

Have you ever heard of yoga on a pole? This ANCIENT and AUTHENTIC practice is being revived and will soon be one of the most popular forms of yoga on the planet... A bold statement. But it's true. Once you get a taste of this 'style' of yoga, it'll bring your understanding & love for yoga to a whole new dimension. As the head Acharya for Nithyananda Shivastambha Yoga I've had the ability to train thousands of individuals from all over the globe on this amazing practice. From my experience, I constantly see people (male AND females!) have kundalini awakening, an overflow of bliss, simply from just making contact with the pole. This is only possible because of the powerful context of Shivastambha yoga - connecting to Sadashiva in a powerful/physical way. I could go on and on talking about this practice - but it's something that you truly need to watch and then EXPERIENCE for yourself, no matter how much (or little) you may feel like a yogi! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This channel is all about awakening you to your higher possibilities and supporting your growth in consciousness as you expand to the next dimension of existence. My purpose is to help enrich you & the rest of life and so I hope you enjoyed and found this content beneficial! Before you go please click the thumbs up on the video, leave a comment below of what you thought and SUBSCRIBE to the channel! :) If you want to bring your yogic practice to the next level by studying the teachings straight from the Source, with a living Avatar as your guide then check out this link for our upcoming teacher training: If you haven’t heard much about it yet, Nithyananda Yoga is re-introducing to the world the original meaning & purpose of yoga, reviving the most authentic teachings of the science of enlightenment that was mastered thousands of years ago by the Vedic Civilization. You can download a FREE copy of the Nithyananda Yoga E-Book with the most recently revived ancient scriptures on yoga asanas, mudras, pranayamas as well as many other revelations from Swamiji here: If you want to learn more about this topic from H.H. then check out this amazing clip from one of His discourses: FOLLOW ME on all my social media platforms: MY YOUTUBE ► MY INSTAGRAM (@BlissfulAthlete) ► MY TWITTER (@BlissfulAthlete) ► MY FACEBOOK ► Thanks for tuning in everyone.. Be Blissful!
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