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Hvorfor det å spise fisk er farligere enn det du tror

The Active Times-logo Av Nicole Dossantos av The Active Times | Lysbilde 1 av 11: <p><strong><a href="">Salmon</a> </strong>is on every superfood list and fish in general is known for its endless benefits on people’s mental and physical health. However, in some cases the dangers may outweigh the benefits.</p><p>Just think of the <strong><a href="">Mediterranean diet</a></strong> and the many studies suggesting that is short of a miracle. Also, is it a coincidence that people who eat a lot of fish and <strong><a href="">healthy fats</a></strong> coming from it <strong><a href="">live the longest</a></strong>? (Hello, Japan)</p><p>But seafood has a darker side. Some fish pose a high risks, canned tuna and salmon may contain carcinogenic chemicals because of the tin, and studies have <a href=""><strong>shown</strong></a> that fish is raised with antibiotics too.</p><p>Fish are full of <strong><a href="">contaminants such as mercury</a></strong>, which is extremely toxic. Each fish absorbs the mercury of the smaller fish it has eaten. This is why the largest and oldest fish contain the most mercury.</p><p>It is advised to avoid eating shark, golden bass and swordfish as they contain high levels of mercury. The <a href=""><strong>National Center for Health Research</strong></a> says to “check local advisories about the safety of fish caught in local lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. If no advice is available, eat no more than 6 ounces per week of locally caught fish, and do not consume any other fish during that week.”</p>

Hvorfor det å spise fisk er farligere enn du tror

Laks regnes som en veldig god matvare for oss. Den er full av fordeler for oss, både for kroppens mentale og fysiske helse. Likevel, det finnes også farlige bivirkninger.

I dette galleriet vil du finne ut av hvorfor det også kan være farlig å spise fisk.

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