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Giant helicopter is maxed out to transport massive powerline poles

When a new power line was needed in the area of Parry Sound, Ontario, some of the construction took place in very remote areas with no road access. Massive machines were brought in to build roads and create routes over steep rock faces and swamps. These machines were able to transport a lot of the materials and equipment to complete the power line, but they couldn't bring it all in. They needed wooden poles that were 120 feet in length and almost three feet in diameter at the base. The poles weigh an incredible 2,600 pounds. The only way to get the poles to the remote power line is to truck them to a property almost twenty miles away and then have them flown over several lakes to the construction site. These poles are so large and so heavy that the helicopter will exceed its maximum allowable payload unless they fly with only a partial tank of fuel. If they fly with anything more than one quarter tank full of fuel, the poles will be too much.
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