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Luxury car owner gets cut off, honks angrily then has awkward moment

We have all experienced those times when somebody rudely pulls out in front of us and makes us slam on the brakes. And we have all been tempted to push on the horn like we're doing CPR on a loved one. Maybe we've even done it, sending a loud reprimand to the offender as we narrowly miss hitting them. It's infuriating to have somebody almost cause a wreck, and even more so when they drive on nonchalantly as if nothing happened. This very sporty Nissan convertible was on its way down the road with full right of way when the driver who was entering the intersection cut him off abruptly. Executing a leisurely left turn, he pulled out and acted as if he didn't see the sports car coming toward him from the right. The Nissan driver had to hit the brakes hard, although it wasn't difficult for him to avoid the back end of the offending vehicle. But he was understandably annoyed and he showed it by laying on his horn as he drove up close behind one making the left turn. He rode the bumper closely to make sure the little four door car driver understood how angry he was.
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