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Emergency Lockdown Drill Mt. Vernon School District

Video outlines 9 steps taken for emergency lockdown drill in a school setting. An emergency lockdown involves an intruder, usually with a weapon to harm others. While not perfect, these nine steps are designed to keep the maximum number of people safe and hidden in this event. When practiced and implemented, it should take about 15 seconds to have all students secured in a classroom. Review the steps and adapt for your school or setting as needed. Please make sure your school has locking doors and blinds that close. Again, this video is designed for students and staff to make choices that will keep the most people safe. Many different scenarios exist, so please talk to your school resource officer or local police officers for suggestions on maintaining a safe environment in the event of an emergency. The most important thing in any lockdown is to get to a safe place quietly and quickly where you can remain hidden. You never know what dangers exist or how many intruders there may be, so make good choices and practice to remain empowered. Here is an awesome documentary about a school lockdown and the importance of being informed! https://vimeo.com/202341466

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