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Kun je de gecamoufleerde dieren zien?

Photos-logo Photos | Dia 1 van 82: DERBYSHIRE - UNDATED: Peppered Moth camouflaged on birch tree bark in Derbyshire, England. A wildlife expert left no stone unturned in his quest to unmask nature's camouflaged pretenders. Most wildlife photographers rely on colourful and cute animals to sell their photographs for them. This scientific snapper would rather bank on his knowledge of cunning animal behaviour. Nottingham University Biological Photography teacher, Alex Hyde, 27, harnessed years of scientific training to reveal the mysterious world of creatures in hiding. He hopes to give people insight into the little known struggle of animals who only survive by using camouflage adaptations. He travelled to Madagascar and captured images from his own back garden Derbyshire, UK to produce this eye catching set of images. (Photo by Alex Hyde / Barcroft Media / Getty Images)


© Alex Hyde / Barcroft Media / Getty Images
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