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Woman survives terrifying bungee jump accident

Two sisters give birth at the same time in same hospital, just 15 minutes apart

An amusing video has emerged from the US of two sisters going into labour on the same day and in the same hospital, just 15 minutes apart. The footage, captured on August 10 last year, shows the doctor and the nurses running from one room to the other while assisting the women in labour. The sisters coin themselves the "sticky sisters" because they stick together no matter what, but little did they know that would apply to the birth of their daughters as well. ''When Katie went into labor, Corey hurried to the hospital to be there for her sister. While there, Corey went into full labor and was rushed to a C-section surgery,'' the filmer later wrote online. ''While on the operating table, Katie's delivery sped up and the doctor was rushed out of the surgery to deliver Katie's baby first just down the hallway from Corey.'' ''Katie can be heard delivering her baby (Indie) as nurses and doctors express the unreal situation that was unfolding if front of them. Then the doctor hurries out of Katie's room to deliver Corey's baby girl Ryatt just 15 minutes later,'' he added. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN EDITED++
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