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May, three key members of her cabinet reelected to UK parliament

Логотип TASS TASS 09.06.2017 TASS

LONDON, June 9. /TASS/. UK Prime Minister Theresa May and three key members of the ruling Conservative government have retained their parliamentary seats following the official announcement of results in their constituencies on Friday.

More than 37,000 voters supported May in her home constituency of Maidenhead.

Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond were declared winners in their respective constituencies.

So far, results from about 240 out of 650 constituencies have been announced, with the final result still being uncertain.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said in her Twitter account: "Ministers now saying not expecting to outperform exit poll."

The exit poll by the country’s three major broadcasters, projects Prime Minister Theresa May’s conservative party to get 314 places in the 650-seat parliament, which is 16 mandates less than in the previous parliament.

The Labour party will get 266 seats, while 14 will go to Liberal Democrats, 34 - to the Scottish National Party and 22 to other political forces.

With no overall majority, the Conservatives would not be able to overrule the combined weight of other parties.

The final results from all 650 constituencies are to be known later on Friday morning.


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