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Montenegro oppositionist calls for lifting anti-Russian sanctions on local level

Логотип TASS TASS 31.05.2017 TASS

BELGRADE, May 31. /TASS/. Montenegrin-Russia society The Slavic Bridge has sent an initiative for lifting the Montenegrin sanctions to all the parliamentary parties in the country for consideration.

Milan Knezevic, a leader of the country's opposition and the chairman of the Popular Democratic Party of Montenegro told TASS on Wednesday all the political parties, and the pro-Western Democratic Popular Socialist Part of Montenegro with former Prime Minister Milo Djucanovic at the helm had received the Slavic Bridge's initiative to pass a declaration in local legislatures to lift the sanctions against Russia.

This would make possible the inflow of Russian investment and Russian tourists in the country and would bring about the normalization of Russian-Montenegrin relations.

Somewhat earlier, a number of regional legislatures in Italy, Germany, Austria, France, and Hungary had passed similar legal initiatives, Knezevic said.


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