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Moscow hopes London High Court will deliver judgement on Ukraine’s debt to Russia soon

Логотип TASS TASS 26.05.2017 TASS

MOSCOW, May 26. /TASS/. London’s High Court considered the issue of the amount of interest accrued on Ukraine’s sovereign debt to Russia at supplementary hearings on Friday, Russia’s Finance Ministry reported on its official website.

Russia’s Finance Ministry expects the Court to deliver a final judgement on the case within weeks, the report said.

"Particularly, the Court considered the following issues: prescribing the procedure of payment and the amount of interest accrued, determining the sum of claim costs to be refunded by Ukraine," the report said.

Ukraine’s Finance Ministry said on Friday the High Court in London has postponed the consideration of Ukraine’s application on suspension of the judgement until Kiev’s appeal is considered in the English Court of Appeal.

"The court heard Ukraine’s application for a further suspension of the judgment becoming executable until such time as Ukraine’s appeal to the English Court of Appeal has been concluded, which would not be before 2018," the report said.


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