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President blames Moldovan government for diplomats’ expulsion from Moscow

Логотип TASS TASS 31.05.2017 TASS

CHISINAU, May 31. /TASS/. Moldova’s President Igor Dodon regrets the irresponsibility of his country’s government, which resulted in the expulsion of Moldovan diplomats from Moscow.

"Over the 25-year-long history of Moldovan-Russian relations they have never been so close to the brink of an abyss as they are now. This is a result of irresponsible decisions and actions by the Moldovan government and parliamentary majority, taken not in the interests of their people, but in line with the geopolitical interests of their Western patrons," Dodon told TASS, when asked about the Russian Foreign Ministry’s decision to declare five Moldovan diplomats in Russia personas non-grata in retaliation for the May 29 expulsion of five diplomats of the Russian embassy in Chisinau.

Dodon, who is currently in St. Petersburg, said that within the next few days he would hold meetings with Russian officials at different levels to discuss the expulsion affair.

"I do hope that no more economic or social measures from Russia will follow. But this will depend on Chisinau in the first place," Dodon said on his Facebook page.

He warned that "if the government keeps building up tensions in Moldovan-Russian relations and provoking disruption of relations with our main strategic partner Russia, we, the people of Moldova, will have our say.".


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