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Putin-Macron first meeting round-up

Логотип TASS TASS 29.05.2017 TASS

The agenda of the talks in the Palace of Versailles covers a wide range of issues: from the intensification of Russian-French political, economic and cultural cooperation to the discussion of the situation in Ukraine, Syria and Libya and on the Korean peninsula.

French presidential election and Russia's alleged interference 

Russia has not interfered in elections in any country, there is no subject for discussion on this issue, President Vladimir Putin said at a news conference after talks with French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

"As for the alleged interference of Russia in any elections, we did not discuss this issue and Mr. President [of France] showed no interest in this. On my part I say - what is here to discuss? I believe the subject does not exist," the Russian president said in reply to reporters’ query concerning accusations against Russia over alleged attempts to interfere in the process of the French presidential election.

The approach to global problems  

Vladimir Putin has noted that Moscow and Paris were full of resolve to look for joint solutions to the problems of Syria, Ukraine, North Korea’s nuclear program and terrorism.

"We spoke about the Ukrainian crisis, spoke about the possibilities of settling the Syrian problem and, naturally, we also touched upon such a complex and, in my mind, dangerous situation as the situation with the nuclear problem in North Korea and with the North Korean missile program," the Russian leader said. 

"We are full of resolve to look for joint solutions to all these problems - naturally, in a way so that they do not deteriorate the situation and should, on the contrary, improve it," Putin added.


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