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Terrorist attacks in Iran claim at least twelve lives

Логотип TASS TASS 07.06.2017 TASS

TEHRAN, June 7. /TASS/. Iran saw two terrorist attacks on Wednesday. According to the emergencies service, no less than twelve people were killed and 35 others injured and taken to hospitals in Tehran.

The terrorist group Islamic State (outlawed in Russia) claimed responsibility.

Attack on parliament

Four gunmen burst into the premises of the parliament compound in the Iranian capital at about 10:30 local time. They opened fire on security guards and then took several people hostage and barricaded themselves on the upper floors of one of the parliament’s administrative buildings.

All four intruders were killed in a special operation by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’s commandoes. None of the legislators was hurt.

Terrorist attack inside Khomeini Mausoleum

A similar attack occurred at the Ruhollah Khomeini Mausoleum 40 kilometers south of the capital Tehran. Two gunmen forced their way into the Mausoleum’s area through the western gate and fired erratic shots while trying to get inside.

Police returned fire. One of them blew himself up near the Shabestan Gate. The other attacker was killed while trying to escape. He wore a suicide bomber’s belt.

Reports of a second explosion at the Mausoleum were later dismissed by the authorities.

A third attack was disrupted

There has been evidence that terrorists had plotted at least one more attack. The Iranian special services’ spokesman said the security forces in Tehran had neutralized a group of terrorists before it managed to commit any criminal acts.

He said on Wednesday morning "several terrorist groups carried out an attempt to stage terrorist attacks."

"The members of that group had been detained before they had a chance to do anything," the official said.


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