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Ukrainian opposition MP may lose sight after radicals’ attack

Логотип TASS TASS 03.06.2017 TASS

KIEV, June 3. /TASS/. A member of the Ukrainian parliament, Natalia Korolevskaya of the Opposition Bloc, has partially lost sight in her eye after radicals attacked her, throwing green paint into her face.

"Doctors of the Kiev Eye Microsurgery Center examined Natalia Korolevskaya today and diagnosed her with a chemical burn of the eye cornea and conjunctiva. She has erosion on the left eye cornea, so she has partially lost sight in her left eye. It is going to be a long process for a full recovery," her press service said.

On Friday, the MP came to Odessa to attend a women’s congress. Evacuation from the venue of the congress began after a bomb threat call. During the evacuation, unidentified persons in camouflage attacked the women, insulting them and splashing green paint into their faces.

Police classified the attack as hooliganism.


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