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UN Syria envoy’s office confirms upcoming meetings on Syrian constitution

Логотип TASS TASS 13.06.2017 TASS

GENEVA, June 14. /TASS/. The office of the UN envoy on Syria has confirmed that Syrian opposition envoys will convene in Geneva later this week to discuss the country’s future constitution.

Acting Chief of Staff Office UN Special Envoy for Syria Michael Contet told TASS on Tuesday evening that Syrian opposition experts were invited for a technical meeting within the framework of the consultative mechanism on constitutional issues.

The consultations will be held later this week at the UN office in Geneva, the official said.

During the sixth round of the intra-Syrian talks, the UN envoy came up with an initiative to set up a mechanism for experts to discuss constitutional issues. At the end of the round, he announced that meetings on establishing the mechanism had already been held with the Syrian government delegation, as well as with the delegation of the Syrian opposition’s High Negotiations Committee (HNC). Later de Mistura added that meetings with the Moscow and Cairo groups of the Syrian opposition had also taken place.

Chairman of the Moscow Group Qadri Jamil told TASS on Tuesday that members of Moscow, Cairo and Riyadh groups of the Syrian opposition will hold consultations on the country’s new constitution in Geneva on June 15-16.


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