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Web users in Montenegro urge sanctions against US for incident with PM

Логотип TASS TASS 26.05.2017 TASS

BELGRADE, May 26. /TASS/. Internet audience in Montenegro is furious with the row at NATO’s summit over the incident between US President Donald Trump and their country’s Prime Minister Dusko Markovic. Some authors of commentaries on the news about the incident, posted on the portal of Montenegro’s national television RTCG, urge sanctions against the US.

"There should follow tough sanctions against America to let it know whose prime minster was pushed and humiliated," says one user.

The idea of sanctions drew wide support.

"If we take sanctions against them, they will be left without a slice of bread to eat!" echoes another.

"Thank you, America for your great support for Montenegro and for the guarantees you provide against a likely Russian aggression! Shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump," a third contributor says with bitter irony.

Montenegro’s television has tried to play down the affair somewhat, because concealing the scandalous video from spreading in the Internet altogether has turned out impossible.

The RTCG said that a sign-up campaign had allegedly begun in the United States in support of the demand for making Trump apologize, but the headline had no proof in the news story.

This merely added to the Montenegrins’ anger. They believe that "everything happened that way because somebody wished to take an undeserved place and play an utterly undeserved role."

Earlier, Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said he paid no attention to the fact US President Donald Trump pushed him back while NATO’s leaders were lining up for a collective photo at the summit in Brussels. He thanked Trump for supporting Montenegro’s accession to NATO and said that "it was just natural for the president of the United States to stand in the front row."

While NATO leaders were gathering for a group photo, Trump was caught on TV cameras elbowing his way to the front row and pushing aside the prime minister of Montenegro, just admitted to NATO. White House spokesman Sean Spicer later said that Trump merely stuck to the predetermined order for the group photo.


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