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De bästa och värsta hälsonyheterna

The Daily Meal-logotyp Av Michael Serrur av The Daily Meal | Bild 1 av 9: A person’s body mass index (weight in kilograms/meters squared) is the current metric used to evaluate whether a person is considered to be at a healthy weight, but a new study suggested that this measurement might not be the most accurate indicator of overall health. Janet Tomiyama, the study’s lead author, says that based on available cardiometabolic health data (a more accurate gauge of overall health that measures blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, insulin resistance, triglycerides, and inflammation), BMI is misclassifying nearly 75 million Americans as healthy or unhealthy, which results in inflated health care costs for perfectly healthy individuals.

BMI borde inte vara en hälso-indikator. En persons kroppsmassa ska inte vara en indikator på hur hälsosam man är. Istället ska man mäta efter blodtryck och hur högt kolestrolvärden man har.

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