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Ny trailer visar det senaste från Conan Exiles

Logotyp för Gamereactor Gamereactor 2018-04-14 Jonas Mäki
Ny trailer visar det senaste från Conan Exiles © Gamereactor Ny trailer visar det senaste från Conan Exiles

Efter 14 månader som Early Access-titel är nu Conan Exiles redo att släppas den 8 maj. Många har såklart redan provat på spelet till PC och Xbox One, men nu har Funcom släppt en ny trailer som visar vad som lagts till och förändrats. Studiochefen Rui Casais kommenterar i pressreleasen:

"We wanted to make sure leaving Early Access is something more than just removing the Early Access label and saying we're done. Besides being the first time it's available on Playstation 4, the launch of Conan Exiles brings with it a massive expansion of the game world, game-changing new features such as monster invasions known as the purge and an entirely new action-oriented combat system, as well as many other major additions that truly makes this the ultimate vision of Conan Exiles. If you were ever on the fence, or you are just discovering it for the first time, May 8th is the time to join the adventure."

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