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Stor Playstation 4-uppdatering idag

Logotyp för Gamereactor Gamereactor 2017-03-09 Jonas Mäki

Det vankas rejäl uppdatering till Playstation 4 idag, meddelar Sony, och det finns flera nyheter vi vet kommer vara uppskattade. Det inkluderar att spel utan Playstation 4 Pro-patchar ska flyta bättre till den konsolen samt stöd för extern hårddisk. Här är listan över alla nyheter:

Stor Playstation 4-uppdatering idag © Gamereactor Stor Playstation 4-uppdatering idag

Ghost Blade HD

PS VR improvements

If you're playing a game in PS VR, and you return to PS4's home screen, you may notice that the resolution looks lower than normal on the TV 'Social Screen'. Following this update, you'll find that the resolution of the system screen displayed on your TV is significantly better when you're out of VR mode.

Super Bomberman R

Also, the resolution of Cinematic Mode on PS VR will improve - if your PS VR screen size is set to Small or Medium, the framerate of content viewed in Cinematic Mode goes up from 90Hz to 120Hz with this update.

PS VR will now support Blu-ray 3D discs. You will have the ability to watch them in stereoscopic 3D via your headset.

Voice chat for Remote Play

They're adding voice chat when using Remote Play on Windows PC, Mac or an Xperia device. If you've got a gaming session planned with your friends, but you're away from your system, this update makes it seem like you're right at home. You can switch your mic on and off via the microphone icon on the Tool Bar of the Remote Play app.

Off-console availability

There are a variety of off-console apps and features that make communication with other gamers easier, like the PlayStation App and PS Messages. They're now adding an icon, shaped like a smartphone, which indicates a player is logged into PSN but away from their console.

Custom wallpaper & profile colour

You can now use your own screenshots as wallpaper on the home screen.

There's also a new option to better personalise your Profile page. If you've selected a custom cover image, your PS4 will generate a choice of supporting colours based on that image to change the page's background colour to.

Share your activity

You'll now have more choice on what you want to include on your Activity Feed, letting you create custom stories with text, screenshots, player and game tags. Find the post tool on What's New, your Profile or Content Info Screen.

Activity feed privacy

In addition, you can now change the privacy settings for individual posts. You can alter who sees your Activities via the same-named tab in the Sharing Your Experience section of Settings, while you can decide the level of privacy for videos, screenshots, broadcasts, PS Store and PS Music when you go to upload them. But worry not, you can also alter who gets to see that content after the post has been shared.

Save Data Shortcut

Hover over a game title icon and press the Options button. You'll be given the choice to 'Upload/Download Saved Data' from the the PS4's home screen that let you upload the saved data on your PS4 to PS Plus online storage and download the saved data from PS Plus online storage to your PS4 with ease.

From Capture Gallery to Sharefactory

Select your chosen screenshot or video in Capture Gallery, and by pressing the Options button you'll have the choice to go straight into Sharefactory and start editing.

GIF support

You can now share GIFs from Sharefactory to your Activity Feeds.

En tämligen maffig lista, vilken av dessa nyheter gillar du bäst?


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