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Arthur Arbesser - Women's Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Milan

Designer: Arthur Arbesser Inspiration: The grandmother of the designer born in Transylvania, a region situated in central Romania. This collection is dedicated to her. He talks about her life, her passion for beautiful things and her sense of humour, despite the periods of war and tragedies. Collection: Patchworks of prints, silhouettes made from old fabrics, floral patterns inspired by ancient ceramics. A range of fluid and light dresses with additions of some flaps of fabric. A play with overlays and transparency. The dresses are worn over trousers without weighing down the silhouette. Polka dots and flowers mix harmoniously. The mesh is very flexible and undulates around the edges. The colours are vibrant and bright, combined in colour blocks. Some references to marine life on jackets. A graphic logo of a double A, decorates knitwear and tops for men. Focus: The clogs bring a rawer touch and a feeling of lightness to this feminine wardrobe. Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).
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