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Världens 10 fredligaste länder!

The Active Times-logotyp Av Nicole Dossantos av The Active Times | Bild 1 av 12: Are you looking to embark on a peaceful vacation? Maybe you are ready to get up and move and you want to live in a peaceful environment. These countries provide you with the perfect destination for peace, silence, relaxation and happiness.According to Merriam-Webster, peace is defined as a state in which there is no war or fighting, a state of tranquility or quiet, harmony in personal relations and freedom from civil disturbance.From Iceland to Canada, these countries have been proven to provide peace of mind. They work to prevent stress, anxiety and worries for their people. Ultimately resulting in, increased motivation and improved mental and physical health.After extensive research and the help of the 2015 Global Peace Index I have come up with The Most Peaceful Countries in the World.

Här är världens fredligaste land

Enligt Merriam-Webster är fred ett tillstånd då det inte pågår krig eller konflikter, människor har friheter och det är harmoni.

Men hjälp av Global Peace Index 2015 kan vi nu visa listan över de fredligaste länderna i världen - finns Sverige med på listan tro?

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