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Family Ate Feces Covered Fries From NJ McDonald’s, Lawsuit Claims

Patch logo Patch 5/5/2021 Russ Crespolini
a pile of fries: In a recently filed lawsuit, a family claims their child ate fries that were covered in feces. © Shutterstock In a recently filed lawsuit, a family claims their child ate fries that were covered in feces.

MILLVILLE, NJ — A McDonald’s in New Jersey served food covered in feces to a family using the drive-thru in January, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

Amanda Bordois claims she and her daughter ate french fries that contained human feces that came off the wrapper of a cheeseburger they bought at a McDonald’s on North High Street in Millville, according to a negligence and strict-liability lawsuit filed in Superior Court on April 28.

McDonald’s and Sewell-based JDKD Enterprises are named in the lawsuit.

A representative from McDonald’s didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday morning. Franchise owner John Durante wasn’t immediately available, but told the business denies any wrongdoing.

"The traumatic experience our clients encountered when purchasing food for their family at McDonald’s is something no one should have to endure," Bordois' attorney Caroline Castellani said in a statement to Patch. "What was expected to be an enjoyable meal for a child and her family turned into a nauseating nightmare of receiving food covered in human feces. McDonald’s should unquestionably be held strictly liable and responsible for this unacceptable service as this is a clear violation of New Jersey’s Adulterated Food Statute."

Bordois, her husband Andrew Ludwig, and their daughter bought the food from the McDonald’s on Jan. 13, according to the lawsuit. When they got home, Bordois and her daughter ate some of the fries before her daughter pulled out a cheeseburger and made a gruesome discovery.

There was a brown substance all over the wrapper and on her daughter’s hand, as well as a horrible stench coming off the burger, according to the lawsuit.

“To their disbelief and shock, the plaintiffs realized what they had just ingested was human feces which was touching their french fries in the same bag,” the lawsuit states.

The daughter then vomited and washed her hands, and Bordois threw away the rest of the meal. She attempted to contact the McDonald’s before calling Millville police.

A police officer came to the home and verified Bordois’ claims, according to the lawsuit. He then informed the McDonald’s.

The Cumberland County Department of Health then conducted a health inspection of the restaurant two days later, according to the lawsuit. That inspection uncovered violations, including employees not washing their hands before work or after using the restroom, and an employee handling cookline sausage without washing their hands, the lawsuit said.

Efforts to reach Cumberland and Millville officials were not immediately successful.

Bordois said she and her family have “severe emotional distress, shock and mental anguish, nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite and heightened anxiety,” and sought medical treatment.

The lawsuit claims McDonald’s neglected its duty to the public, claiming that, “A person who ingests human or animal feces is at risk of contracting a number of viruses, bacteria or parasites that can even be deadly, including but not limited to Hepatitis, Norovirus, Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Polio, E. Coli, Tapeworms, and Giardia.”

This post was reported on by Anthony Bellano

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