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15 Most Terrifying Planets Found

15 Most Terrifying Planets Found Space is an infinite expanse of mystery and mayhem. That’s right because there are some celestial bodies in this great big universe of ours that can be terrifying. The main reason they were made that way is because of the chaos in the universe. There are planets covered in diamonds which is incredible but wait till you hear about HD 189773b, a planet where it rains glass, our number 1 pick of today. Check out the 15 most terrifying planets in the Universe. Want to learn more about space? Check out the Space playlist here: Timestamps: J1407B Saturn on steroids 0:30 Gliese 581C a potential habitable planet 1:12 Gliese 436B a planet that defies the laws of physics 2:02 55 Cancri E a diamond planet 2:53 HAT-P-7B a planet that rains rubies and saphires 3:37 WASP-12B a planet that eats light 4:16 TRES-2B the evil red planet 5:08 GJ-504B the pink planet 5:48 PSR B1620-26 B the oldest planet in the universe 6:31 TRES-4B the puffy planet 7:17 WASP-17B moves in an opposite direction 8:04 OGLE-2005-BLG-390LB an icy wasteland 8:43 KEPLER-10C the mega earth 9:32 HD 106906 B 10:09 HD 189773 B 10:55 #terrifyingplanets #universe #spacefacts ▶ SUBSCRIBE to The Drop for more WEEKLY videos:
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