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Annoyed pigeons bombard intrusive drone in their neighborhood

Drones allow a view from great heights, providing a way of looking at the world around us that would not be possible from the ground. This drone operator was trying to film a construction crane that was being used to build a highrise apartment. As the drone circled around for the right angle of approach, a flock of pigeons was also circling around. They took a sudden interest in the drone and flew straight at it. The drone operator stopped it and let it hover so that the pigeons could continue on their way. They continued to circle and fly at the drone as if they were unhappy with the disturbance. It's possible that the pigeons thought the drone was another bird, even a predator. It's possible they were acting territorial, unwilling to welcome a newcomer around their rooftops. Either way, the birds didn't seem pleased with the camera on a quadcopter. After waiting for them to settle down, the drone slowly moved away from their precious rooftop and left them to do what pigeons do on a sunny morning. This crane looks impressive from the ground, but up close, it's an enormous piece of equipment that towers high above this city.
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