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Gigantic whale sharks cruise right through group of scuba divers

Whale sharks are the biggest sharks in the ocean. In fact, they are the biggest fish of any kind. Second in size only to a few species of whales, they are truly enormous. But despite their size, they are truly the gentle giants of the deep. They have no teeth and they cannot bite a human or cause any harm, unless they crash into one who does not move out of their way. These scuba divers were in complete awe and wonder as they witnessed these mammoths up close in the remote waters off the Galapagos Islands. The sharks come here each year to bear their young and to feed in the currents around the islands. These waters are filled with hammerhead sharks, white tipped sharks, Galapagos sharks, sea turtles and fish of all shapes and sizes. Scuba divers also come here to explore the waters and see these animals in their natural environment.
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