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Scuba diver has dream encounter with dolphin pod in Galápagos Islands

Cameron is a seasoned diver with experience in many oceans around the world. He has descended beneath the waves in Mexico, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Canada, Belize, and the waters around the Galápagos Islands. He has encountered marine animals of all kinds on his adventures but dolphins hold a special place in his heart. As he made his way to the surface from a dive at Darwin Island, he was thrilled to meet a pod of dolphins that had circled the island and reached his dive group as they were getting ready to leave the water. Cameron made the decision to swim along the surface and spend some time with the curious dolphins. As many as 100 individuals passed by, with some of them making an obvious effort to come close and inspect Cameron. There was one baby in the pod that swam near enough to him to provide a rare and exciting look at something that few people are lucky enough to witness. This dolphin pod has come to this remote area to feed on the fish that are abundant around the island. Three strong ocean currents collide here, creating an upwelling that brings nutrients from the depths of the ocean to the surface. This creates a unique ecosystem that attracts an abundance of fish and small predators. The larger animals, such as sharks and dolphins thrive here with such a rich supply of food. The dolphins hunt in a pod for maximum efficiency. They also enjoy the social interaction and the protection that is offered by others in the family. Cameron's bucket list has one more check mark after this breath taking encounter.
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