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Scuba divers hop off the boat to meet dolphins, meet sharks instead

Scuba diving is a truly exhilarating sport. With proper training and guidance, it is perfectly safe and risks are kept to a minimum. But slipping beneath the waves is never completely predictable. These scuba divers were reminded of this when they were making their way from one dive location to another, in the the remote waters around the Galapagos Islands. Watching from their ship, they were thrilled to see dolphins escorting them on their way. Dolphins will often swim alongside moving vessels and it is believed that they use the waves and the turbulence from the boat to help propel them along. It is also possible that it will somehow help them in catching fish as they swim. It is even possible that they are enjoying the boat as something to play with. The scuba divers could not resist the urge to get into the water with these playful creatures and they eagerly slipped on their dive gear as the boat came to a stop. They dropped into the water and began looking for the dolphins. They caught a brief glimpse of them but they vanished soon after. Within minutes, the divers found themselves surrounded by dozens of white tipped reef sharks. As long as divers do not panic, sharks will rarely see them as potential food. They will approach curiously and swim close to inspect the divers, but the danger is very low. Still, the divers saw this as a good time to make their way back to the surface because sharks in these numbers can be unpredictable. They react quickly to the movements of the other sharks and the result can be a problem for people in the water. The divers stayed together, stayed vertical and moved smoothly back to the boat. Sharks are beautiful animals that exude power and grace as they swim. To see them in motion is an experience that is certain to evoke awe among those who witness it. But to swim in their presence as they circle around is an unforgettable thing. For those who venture into the ocean, it is always wise to remember that humans are the guests in this underwater domain and that we must treat the inhabitants with caution and respect, or else the consequences can be serious and unfortunate.
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