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iPhone 11R Trailer 2019 Concept Design Official introduction !

iPhone 11R Trailer Concept Design Official introduction with Full Specification ! iPhone 11R render video ! Apple iPhone XIR will be Release in September ! apple iPhone 11R Concept Video !Top Features in iPhone 11R ! iPhones is Apple launching this year? The answer to that will be: as many as it launched in 2017 and in 2018. To get it right off the bat, in 2019 too Apple is expected to launch three iPhones. Rumours until now revealed that the iPhone 2019 could be called the iPhone XI, the iPhone XI Max and the iPhone XR 2. But now, it looks like the names of the upcoming iPhones may differ a bit. A new leak suggests that the iPhones coming this year could be called the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R. The new leak also more or less confirms the square camera design for all the three iPhones coming this year. The new leak comes from Olixar case and accessory manufacturer. The case maker reveals glass protector for all the three upcoming iPhones -- the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R -- and suggests that all the three devices will come packed with square-shaped camera module as rumours and leaks have highlighted in the past. The glass protectors go in line with the leaks. Notably, Olixar has been pretty accurate in the past with its assumptions and we expect same is the case with this one too. The glass protectors suggest that the top-end iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will come with three cameras on the back. It further suggests that all the three rear cameras on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will sit inside a square shaped camera module paired with LED flash. For the iPhone 11R the camera design appears to be slightly different. Notably, the glass protectors are already said to be in mass production. The glass protector for the iPhone 11R suggests that the "affordable" iPhone will come with two cameras on the back panel and they will be paired with an LED flash. The glass protector suggests that the iPhone 11R will come packed with dual cameras instead of three like the top-end versions of the iPhone 11 series. The case maker also reveals the screen protector of the iPhone 11 Max. The screen protector sort of reveals the front panel design of the iPhone 11 Max. We believe from the front all the three iPhones will be the same. The screen protector suggests that the iPhone 11 Max will come with wide-notch like last year's iPhones that includes dual cameras, double sized earpiece together with sensors. Rumours have also been suggesting that the top-end iPhone this year will include two selfie cameras. There's however no confirmation from the company yet. Apple usually launches its iPhones in the first half of September. Reports suggest that the launch of iPhone 2019 may be delayed this year. Reports suggest that the iPhone 2019 may launch later in September this year instead of the first half.
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